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Hone your skills

Earning is the first step in your journey to managing money wisely so that you can build a successful future.

We all have different talents and abilities. It’s important to take the time to recognize your strengths and develop your skills so that you can excel at what you do. By investing in your education and interests, you will set yourself up for a path to success.

Get started by asking yourself these questions to help you think about what career path you might want to pursue.

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question 2
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You can earn money doing what you love by becoming an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur means using your skills, interests and unique ideas to build your own business. Anyone can become an entrepreneur with enough hard work. Many teens have built amazing businesses right out of their homes. Some have started tutoring younger kids, selling handmade items online or even organized their own catering services.


Do you love animals?

Start a pet-sitting business.


Are you good with computers?

Teach others how to use them.


Do you care about the environment?

Collect recyclables in your home and neighborhood.

Could you excel at starting a new business using your interests and skills? Channel your inner entrepreneur and brainstorm a few businesses that you might want to start.


You may have had a lemonade stand to make money as a kid, but how do you want to earn money in the future?

Not sure where to start? Your school’s library and career club are great places to research your interests and potential careers. You don’t have to decide on a career anytime soon, so don’t limit yourself to one area of interest. You can grow your skills and learn more about your potential careers by taking a class at your local community center.

You might not be thinking about a career yet, but planning ahead will help you in the process of getting there. Based on your brainstorming, come up with a few potential careers that you might want to pursue in the future. Do some research and determine the average salary for each career. Which path will you choose?

Examples of potential careers Average monthly salary*
Senior Civil Engineer USD12,000
Junior architect USD3,500
Accountant USD5,000
Teacher USD3,000
Nurse USD2,000
Senior HR Executive USD8,000
Head of IT USD17,000
Marketing Manager USD10,000

Now that you’ve thought about potential careers based on your interests and skills, what part-time jobs could you start after school or during the summer to help you reach your goals? For example, if you decide you want to be a veterinarian, here are three ways that you could start gaining experience now.

How you can gain experience to become a veterinarian
Pet sit for neighbors
Volunteer at an animal shelter
Intern with a veterinarian office