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When you think about tomorrow, what kind of future do you envision?

Whether you’re passionate about the environment or about medical research, there are so many worthy causes that are in need of skilled people like you. Giving back can come in many forms. You can give a portion of your savings to charity, volunteer your time or donate items you no longer use. Making an impact, changing the lives of others and building a better future are all rewards that benefit you when you give back.


You don’t have to give big amounts of money to make a difference. Even small change adds up.

When it comes to money, it’s best to give with a plan in mind. Charitable contributions should be included in your budget. However, make sure you prioritize your needs. You wouldn’t want to give away all your money and have nothing left for your daily life. When you’re setting aside money for your goals, think about other ways you can put your money to use. While you may want to save for a new pair of headphones, it can be even more worthwhile to pack away a small amount for causes you care about.

What causes do you care about?


medical research

Medical research

animal welfare

Animal welfare

hunger relief

Hunger relief

Change the world

Whatever cause you care about, your contribution can make a difference.

When you’re saving to give money to charity, make a plan for how much money you want to give. Maybe you want to set aside 10% of your allowance each week. If you’re getting AED 40 per week, that’s AED 4 each time you receive your allowance. Have you decided on a cause? Check with the recommendations from your local government about charitable giving. Here is a link to one such website, which is for Dubai.

volunteer idea

Are you a strong student?

Volunteer your time to tutor other kids in your neighborhood.

volunteer idea

Do you make artwork?

Sell your creations and donate the proceeds to a cause you care about.

volunteer idea

Can you run for miles?

Put that to use by entering a charity run.

If you don’t have the time to volunteer, consider donating items to charity. Whether it’s books you don’t read anymore or clothes that don’t quite fit, giving your used items to charity can help someone else who needs those things. Go through your unwanted possessions and then find a charity that accepts those types of donations. Make sure the items you give are in good condition — don’t donate an item that’s broken or worn out.